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11-22-2021 – Why Domain Registration Consolidation makes sense for your Domain Portfolio

By: Eric McIntyre, CloudFloorDNS

domain registar consolidation

As any online business matures and grows, so grows their domain name portfolio. As online replaces brick & mortar, Domains (and DNS) are ever more important parts of your IP (Intellectual Property) and act as the true foundation of your online business. Your online brand, DNS & domain name are so closely tied together that any downtime, outages, expirations of your Domain, DNS or SSL will wreak havoc on your online infrastructure. This is really bad for business not to mention the extraordinary amount of lost revenue and intangible brand damage.

Modern businesses now tend to own more domain names than ever before due to mergers/acquisitions, marketing programs and brand & phishing protection. The more domains an organization has, the better the likelihood that these domains are spread out over many different registrars. Some at GoDaddy, some at Reg123, some at Network Solutions and maybe a few at WildWest. The list goes on and having more than a few domains a different registrars can cause you to accidentally lose domains due to missed expirations or failure to keep your contact details updated across your portfolio.

Owning domains that could be mistaken for your brand name is a key defense strategy against phishing and other attacks. These attacks tend to use a look-alike website with a domain that is mistaken for your brand. It’s better that you own them than the crooks!

Domain consolidation makes sense as having your portfolio of domains located in a singular registration coupled with an enterprise anycast DNS. The CloudFloorDNS platform allows you access to a powerful domain portfolio management platform coupled with a fast, reliable business geared DNS with a 100% uptime SLA

Here are just a few of the additional benefits to consolidation of your domain portfolio on the CloudFloorDNS platform:

  • Bulk Domain & DNS Edits: Bulk edits are critical if you have more than a handful of domains. ICANN rules force you to keep contacts updated and having bulk tools make these changes take 5 seconds instead of 5 days
  • DNS & Domain API: Leveraging our API you can renew, register, transfer, bulk acquire domains, as well as perform all DNS functions
  • Multi-User access & Notifications: With multi-user access you’ll be able to assign permissions to other users or groups within your organization for both DNS and Domain functions. You can also have multiple emails on expirations and other domain alert notifications to ensure multiple eyes see the notice
  • Discounts for Larger Portfolios: The larger the portfolio the deeper the discount. Bulk transfers and our transfer concierge service make it easy to move
  • DNS & Domain Experts on Hand: Our support is top notch and all of our representatives are well versed in DNS & Domain operations
  • Access to Stats & Advanced DNS Features: Moving your domains to a true managed DNS provider like CloudFloorDNS means access to statistics as well as advanced features such as GEO DNS, DNS Failover, VOIP & SIP Failover, Load Balancing and much more
  • Invoicing for Larger Domain Portfolios: Ditch the many credit card renewal transactions at multiple providers. Consolidation of your domain portfolio can save time in finance and administration of domain fees. Tally up your yearly portfolio spend and we can invoice your domain costs in one annual bill

Learn more about our CloudFloorDNS DNS & Domain services or contact us to get a quote on consolidating your domain portfolio