GEO DNS SRV for Unified Communications

Latency can crush your Unified Communications performance when going global
Our GEO DNS SRV lowers jitter & latency by sending your users to the closest endpoint

Global Business Network Unified Communications SRV

Latency kills call quality

Traditional DNS falls flat when it comes to serving up DNS for your VOIP & UC Platform!

It’s true, internet latency can kill video & voice quality and totally ruin the end-user experience of your UC or VOIP platform. Get away from traditional DNS SRV records and increase your global performance with our CloudFloor GEO DNS SRV solution

GEO DNS SRV instantly lowers latency/jitter to provide a higher level of service quality for your VOIP & Unified Communications platform

Add GEO Intelligence to your VOIP & Unified Communications

Communicate smarter by delivering users to the closest endpoints

  • Avoids high latency voice & video for VOIP and UC networks
  • Detects end-user location and directs them to closest endpoint
  • Works with Cisco Expressway, Webex Teams, Skype, PexIP and others
  • Our DNS Experts work with your collaboration engineers
GEO DNS SRV directs users to local endpoints

Send end-users to closest UC endpoint with CloudFloor’s GEO DNS SRV (Click to enlarge)

How GEO DNS SRV helped Octapharma  GEO DNS Case Study

See why Octapharma selected CloudFloorDNS over other Managed DNS providers. Octapharma sped up their DNS with global Anycast DNS and enabled GEO DNS to deliver custom DNS SRV records for their Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration network. GEO DNS delivers their users to the closest Cisco endpoint resulting in faster connections, lower latency and better audio and video quality for Jabber, VOIP and other UC services  [Read the Case Study]

“As soon as we switched over to CloudFloor GEO DNS our WebEx callback issues disappeared and our global users connected faster with less latency. We just wish we found this GEO DNS solution before trying other providers”


Our GEO DNS SRV gives you a best practice solution for directing your end-users to the closest endpoint. When users connect the DNS SRV Records with lowest priority are the first order for connectivity

How GEO DNS SRV works

DNS SRV Service Records act as the traffic manager for your Unified Communications endpoints

  • Define custom DNS SRV lists based on region/country
  • Great for Global UC Deployment with latency issues
  • No hardware required, can be setup in under an hour!
  • Using GEO SRV is a best practice vs using A-Records
  • Recommended by many UC & VOIP Providers

geo dns datasheet


The CloudFloor Geo DNS & load balancing technology is built different from every other Geo DNS provider. Our team puts a focus on unique Geo DNS & advanced DNS solutions that help your business achieve online success.  Our US patent #20130297596 enhances our growing technology portfolio and highlights our dedication to performance and innovation in advanced Geo DNS & load balancing

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