DNS Load Balancing

Scale internet traffic with Weighted or Round-Robin Load Balancing

CloudfloorDNS Managed DNS Load Balancing gives you the leg up when it comes to handling incoming DNS requests with ease.  Whether you are running a global marketing campaign or your latest video just went viral, you need the DNS capacity to handle large bursts of traffic to your website or other mission critical applications.

Our Riund-Robin Managed DNS Load Balancing services are included free with all of our DNS packages, allowing you to send requests to multiple IP’s/Servers instead of just one. When tied into our Netmon server monitoring features, you can add and remove IP’s/Servers from the load balancing pool if they fail and add them back into the pool when they come back up

DNS Load Balancing

Managed DNS Load Balancing

Instant cloud deployment, no hardware required

  • Easily Load Balance your DNS traffic

  • Round-Robin Load Balancing

  • Weighted Load Balancing

  • GEO Load Balancing

  • No Hardware Required

Weighted DNS Load Balancing

  • Easily balance your DNS traffic

  • Round-Robin Load Balancing

  • Weighted Load Balancing for precise distribution

  • GEO Load Balancing can send users to closest servers

  • Load Balance based on server latency

  • No Hardware Required, its in the DNS Zone!

DNS Load Balancing and DNS Traffic Management

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