Anycast Managed DNS by CloudFloorDNS
Secondary DNS service
Anycast Managed DNS by CloudFloorDNS

Managed DNS that provides fast, reliable Anycast DNS with a 100% uptime SLA & DDoS mitigation.

Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS
Backup your DNS Zones
100% Uptime SLA


Domains and SSL
Domain & DNS API
Brand Management


Simple GEO DNS

Managed DNS

Managed DNS

Managed DNS offers both Primary & Secondary DNS with rock-solid Anycast DNS

  • Lightning fast Managed DNS network with 15+ pops in 4 continents
  • Managed DNS with Primary & Secondary DNS & Domain Management
  • DNS Load Balancing, DNS Failover, GEO DNS, Email & Web Forwarding
  • Single click DNSSEC zone signing
  • Simple and easy to use Secure Cloud-Based DNS with Advanced API
  • Anycast, Dual Stack IPV4/IPV6 and DNSSEC Compatible
  • 100% DNS uptime for over 23 years, 100% uptime SLA

Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS offers a simple, secure DNS backup solution. Backup your DNS zones from your primary DNS provider 

  • Lightning fast, Secondary Anycast DNS network with 15+ pops in 4 continents
  • Secondary DNS offers backup of DNS zones from your primary DNS
  • Backup CloudFlare, Digicert, NS1, Dyn, UltraDNS, GoDaddy
  • Simple and easy to use Secure web cloud hosted DNS with API
  • Dual Stack IPV4/IPV6 and DNSSEC
  • 100% DNS uptime for over 23 years, 100% uptime SLA

Secondary DNS

DNS Failover

DNS Failover

DNS Failover adds uptime and reliability to your servers, sites and apps.  Monitor and failover DNS to a backup IP or CNAME instantly

  • DNS Failover can monitor & failover DNS to backup IP, ISP, CNAME or ALIAS
  • ISP Failover moves DNS for your on-prem hosting to backup ISP
  • CNAME Failover makes it easy to add DNS failover and not move DNS
  • Global Monitoring network with 20+ Methods of detection
  • Monitor as low as every 1 second, 5 minutes or every hour
  • DNS Failover as low as as $50/month including Anycast DNS
  • Automatically or Manually failover/failback, custom webhook option too

Geo-Aware Managed DNS

GEO DNS Director offers super fast & flexible GEO-powered Managed DNS.  Detect your visitor’s geo-location and direct them to localized content automatically

  • GEO-Aware GSLB Anycast DNS platform
  • EDNS-0 integration for very accurate GEO-Location
  • Send visitors to the closest, faster servers using Anycast DNS
  • Custom DNS responses based on visitor location
  • Direct incoming URL Requests & redirect to URL/IP based on path
  • Send users to the localized sites for language, currency & local pricing
  • Works with Cloud Services like Shopify, ETSY and others


Domain Registration

Domain Registration Platform

Integrated Domain Portfolio Management platform offers you best in class Domain/DNS Management. Register, Transfer and Manage your Domains and Anycast DNS all in one secure cloud-based platform

  • Domain Registration & Management platform with Anycast DNS
  • Domain Registration for .COM, .NET, ORG & 220 more different TLD’s
  • Invoicing for large domain portfolio’s reduces financial burden
  • Secure Cloud-Based Domain & DNS Management
  • Bulk Domain Registration, Transfer and Edits
  • Extensive DNS & Domain Management API
  • Single Click DNSSEC zone signing

Anycast Managed DNS Stats

Get detailed DNS statistics for your global domain portfolio and Enterprise DNS accounts that include 365 days of data storage for your DNS stats including DNS Queries per Day and Queries per month. We show you insights on your most active hosts including detail on your visitors, such as time of day stats and geographical location of each visitor.

DNS Statistics

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Why choose CloudfloorDNS to power your critical DNS infrastructure?

  • Primary & Secondary DNS

    Domains & DNS in one place.  Tons of features, lightweight on your budget.

  • GEO DNS & Traffic Director

    GEO DNS with GEO URL Forwarding and Path Director options

  • AMAZING Support

    Need help?  We’re here to help with 24/7/365 support

  • 100% Uptime SLA

    Your DNS is critical to your online business and we promise 100% uptime

  • Compatible with CDN and Cloud Hosting

    Our platform is compatible with all the major CDN & Cloud Service Providers

  • Lightning Fast Anycast Network

    World Class Anycast DNS for the utmost in speed and reliability

  • DNS Pioneers at the Helm

    Run by pioneers that have been in the DNS industry for over 20 Years

  • Domain/DNS API & Okta SSO

    We offer an extensive API for our DNS and Domain functions

  • DNS Failover Service

    Fastest and most flexible DNS failover with over 20+ methods of testing

  • Free Round Robin DNS

    Free Round Robin DNS Load Balancing with every domain