Your Domain Portfolio & DNS Management are at the heart of your online operations.   Integrate your Domains and Optimize your Portfolio

domain name registration

Support for over 210 TLD’s

CloudfloorDNS is one of the few managed DNS providers that offers Domain Name registration and transfer services for over 210 TLDs.  Protect your brand by securing all of the popular brand-related domains such as .com, .net, .org, .biz as well as many country specific domains such as .it, .fr, .es,, .uk and many others

  • Registration/ Transfer services – over 210 popular TLD’s & ccTLD’s
  • Advanced API available for Domain functions for easy integration
  • Bulk Domain name functions let you update contact details
  • Discounts available for large Domain Registration and Transfers
  • Free WHOIS Privacy helps protect your domain from WHOIS SPAM
  • Reseller options are also available for all Domain & DNS offerings

Integrated Enterprise DNS platform

Our integrated Enterprise DNS platform brings your domain name to life with one of the fastest and most reliable DNS platforms on the planet.   Our secure web-based management platform provides a quick and easy way to manage your DNS & Domain name related functions all in once place.  Use our API to add, delete, and edit to streamline operations or integrate into your own platform

  • Instantly Register/Transfer & Renew Domains – turn on DNS instantly
  • Large Global Anycast DNS network with DDoS Protection & 100% uptime
  • Optional DNS Failover can fail over to a backup when primary fails
  • Optional GEO DNS delivers local content based on visitor location
  • Free On-boarding & DNS Load Balancing included with our DNS services

DNS and Domain Registration API

API and Bulk Domain Tools

Our API helps extend the possibilities of our Enterprise DNS & Domain Platform

  • Utilize the Secure API for virtually all functions of our platform
  • Register and Transfer Domains, Update Contact Details all using the API
  • Bulk Registrations, Transfers & Contact edit make management easy
  • Streamline DNS & integrate our platform into other service offerings
  • Integrate Domain & DNS functions into Web hosting & Design platform