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10-31-2017 – Secondary DNS is the standby generator of your online business

By: Eric McIntyre, Sr. Director of DNS Business Development at CloudfloorDNS

Secondary DNS offers backup DNS Services

Hurricane Phillipe came into New England with a roar this past sunday, exactly 5 years after superstorm Sandy graced us with her presence in 2013.  Just two days later more than 1 million homes are still without power!  Many schools and businesses are still closed while the cleanup and power restoration continues and it could be several more days until the regional grid is fully restored.

In some ways the power to your home is just like DNS is to your business.  Without it, nothing works.  No Lights (Website), No Water (Email), and so on.   Things just don’t work and your home doesn’t feel much like home when nothing works.

The relationship to DNS and your online business is similar.  DNS is just like the electricity that powers your website, your email, your VPN, VOIP, API’s and other important aspects that make your online business run.  Unplanned downtime is extremely expensive since your business can no longer sell online, customers can’t checkout and pay or even see your website for that matter.  Their emails to you don’t work and bounce back….in essence it’s a blackout of everything online costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales and opportunity.

Portable and Standby generators are humming along in my neighborhood and many others across the region.  These trusty devices are the backup power that many rely on when the power grid fails to deliver.  In the online business world, the generator is very much like Secondary DNS.  When the power goes out the generator takes over and makes living in the home possible. Secondary DNS does very much the same thing but for your online business.  In the event of a DNS outage at your primary provider, Secondary DNS “takes over” and keeps your business running.   Best of all, you don’t have to drag the secondary DNS out of the garage and fire it up, it’s 100% automatic and your business will never miss a beat if your primary DNS goes down

Interested in adding more reliability and resiliency to your online presence?   We have DNS experts to help you every step of the way and we know how scary it is to mess around with your DNS.    Contact us or visit our Secondary DNS product page for more details on how we can help