Secondary DNS Hosting

Secondary DNS

Automatic Sync & Transfer of your DNS Zones

AXFR Zone Transfers & NOTIFY support

Backup Dyn, UltraDNS, GoDaddy and others

Helps protect against DDoS Attacks and DNS Outages

Don't let a DNS Outage take you DOWN

Secondary DNS acts like an insurance policy for your Online Operations

Secondary DNS Zone Backup

Backup your Primary DNS

Your Primary DNS is the most critical component next to your domain name being registered.  Why risk operating without a backup DNS?

  • Added reliability in the event of a primary DNS outage
  • Zone Transfers automatically update your Secondary DNS records
  • AXFR Protocol transfers your DNS Zones onto our Anycast DNS network
  • NOTIFY from Primary instantly syncs your zones to our DNS Servers
  • Many methods including Dual Primary, Live Secondary, Dark Secondary
  • Protect yourself from DDoS Attacks and major DNS outages

DDoS attacks are on the riseDDoS Attacks and DNS Outages are on the rise. Protect your DNS from Outages with Secondary DNS

Versatile Secondary DNS

Our Secondary DNS will work with virtually any DNS platform that will allow Zone Transfers on port 53.   It’s as simple as providing our IP addresses to the primary DNS provider and adding in the zone on our platform.   Your zones are instantly replicated onto our global anycast DNS network and sync automatically using NOTIFY when you make changes at the primary

  • Guaranteed to be compatible with all Managed DNS providers
  • Add our Anycast Network into your delegation for added reliability
  • Works with Oracle-Dyn DNS Network
  • Works with DNSMadeEasy Anycast DNS Network
  • Works with GoDaddy Premium Anycast DNS Network
  • Works with NS1 Anycast DNS Network
  • Automatic Sync with NOTIFY or Manually synch DNS zones via Web or API

Secondary DNS helps protect against DNS outages

“Secondary DNS gives us the additional insurance against a major DNS outage.  When the Dyn outage happened in 2016 we immediately put a plan in place to add a Secondary DNS to the mix. It was an easy decision when we compared it to the extraordinary cost of DNS downtime”

Eric Christoffersen
Eric ChristoffersenVP - IT & Development

Customer Case Study  GEO DNS Case Study

See why SecurityCoverage selected CloudFloorDNS as their Secondary DNS provider. They use Dyn as their primary DNS and suffered during a massive attack Dyn had against their network in late 2016.  As a result of the attack they experienced unplanned downtime which cost them many thousands of dollars in lost business and productivity.  Teaming up with CloudFloorDNS as a Secondary DNS provides them additional assurance that they will never again suffer a total DNS outage [Read the Case Study]

Why Implement a Secondary DNS Solution?

DDoS attacks,malware and other DNS attacks are on the rise and are a growing threat to any digital online business.  Adding Secondary DNS is a low cost option that can help you avoid expensive unplanned downtime in the event of a DNS outage

Adding a Secondary DNS service takes only a few minutes to setup and your DNS zones will be instantly replicated onto our Global Anycast DNS network.   You instantly speed up and enhance the reliability of your DNS and if your primary DNS provider goes down or gets attacked, you’ll keep chugging along with virtually no impact

  • Instant DNS Backup

    Our solution instantly backs up your DNS Zones from your Primary DNS

  • Large Anycast DNS Network

    Powered by a global Anycast DNS network with servers in 4 continents

  • Cloud & CDN Compatible

    Our GEO DNS works with CNAMES and most Cloud, CDN /DNS providers

  • Works with all Major DNS providers

    We know DNS and have tested our Secondary DNS solution with all major DNS providers including Dyn, DNSMadeEasy, NS1, GoDaddy and others

  • Automatic Zone Backups

    Automatically backup your DNS zones from your Primary DNS

  • Exceptional Support

    We know how important DNS is to your business and we’re here to help

  • Free Onboarding

    Moving DNS can be scary – we’ll help make sure it all goes smoothly

  • Flexible Secondary DNS options

    We’ll work with you to determine the best possible Secondary DNS options for your business

Using our Secondary DNS with these popular DNS providers  (How-To’s)

Ready to Backup and Protect your DNS?