GEO DNS Director

Custom DNS responses based on Visitor Location

Deliver Localized content smarter & faster

Geographic DNS Traffic Management

Provide your online visitors with localized content, or direct them to the fastest/closest servers
Direct, optimize & load balance your traffic using custom Geographic DNS responses based on visitor locale

Geographic DNS

GEO DNS Director Suite

Our GEO DNS Director offers a suite of Geographic DNS powered services to help you instantly locate your web visitors and send them to the fastest, closest server automatically or set custom DNS responses/specific targets (A Records, SRV Records, CNAME, URL Forwarding, Path Forwarding) based user location.   GEO URL and Path Forwarding examine the incoming request and can redirect to any URL based on the incoming request.  Our GEO DNS Director offers the most versatile GEO DNS platform available today

  • Direct your VOIP & digital callers to the fastest, closest servers
  • Direct your online shoppers to their local website for localized content
  • GEO DNS SRV Records optimize global VOIP & Unified Communications
  • GEO URL Director can redirect to http/s URL’s based on location
  • GEO Path Director can redirect based on incoming requested URL
  • Load Balance & Failover Geo Server pools on downtime or latency

Your Content & Services – Faster, Smarter & Localized

In today’s competitive online environment you need to deliver your apps and services as fast as possible or you’ll loose current and prospective clients.   By using Geographic DNS you can detect your users location and deliver localized content to them faster

  • GEO-DNS adds “smarts” to your DNS Traffic for more versatility
  • Delivering localized content is faster and increases sales
  • Customers will leave a website if it’s slow or not in their language
  • Split traffic by country of user, or group countries to make regions

geo dns speed

Geo DNS SRV records

Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC)

Geographic DNS can also be utilized to provide better quality of service for your enterprise collaboration platform or UCaaS offering.   Enterprise VOIP & Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) platforms such as Cisco Expressway MRA, Cisco Spark (Jabber, VOIP/SIP and Video calling) utilize DNS SRV Records to operate.  Serve up Geographic DNS SRV records with different weight and priority based on the end-user location – Users are sent to closer servers within their geographic region for  better call & video quality

  • Directing to local servers offer faster connections with lower latency
  • Works with Cisco Spark, Cisco Expressway MRA, Webex Teams
  • Delivery custom SRV DNS records based on end-user location
  • Works with global on-prem deployment of Skype for Business (S4B)
  • Works with all UCaaS providers & platforms that use DNS SRV records

GEO DNS Customer Case Study  GEO DNS Case Study

See why Octapharma selected CloudFloorDNS over other Managed DNS providers. Octapharma sped up their DNS with global Anycast DNS and enabled GEO DNS to deliver custom DNS SRV records for their Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration network. GEO DNS delivers their users to the closest Cisco endpoint resulting in faster connections, lower latency and better audio and video quality for Jabber, VOIP and other UC services  [Read the Case Study]

“As soon as we switched over to CloudFloor GEO DNS our WebEx callback issues disappeared and our global users connected faster with less latency. We just wish we found this GEO DNS solution before trying other providers”

Jon SpragueGlobal Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

GEO Path Director

Our GEO Path Director is the latest service offering within our GEO DNS Director suite.   Using DNS Path Director you can geo-locate you visitors and redirect them based on the incoming request.  This means a customer can request and you can then redirect them to or any other HTTP or HTTPS URL

  • GEO-Aware DNS platform – custom DNS based on visitor location
  • EDNS-0 integration for super accurate GEO-Location
  • Send visitors to the closest, faster servers
  • Send visitors to a custom URL based on GEO-Location
  • Direct incoming URL Requests & redirect to URL/IP based on path
  • Send users to the localized sites for language, currency & local pricing

GEO DNS Hosting

GEO URL Director

Instantly GEO locate your internet traffic and redirect to via HTTP/S URL.   GEO-enable your DNS traffic for Cloud-compatible CNAMES and online stores such as Shopify, Etsy and others. Lighting fast DNS Geo-locates the visitor and redirects them to the URL of your choice.  Send visitors to different resources based on their location, delivering correct language, currency, and other region specific content and price offerings

  • GEO URL Forwarding in one simple to use service
  • Deliver your visitors to localized content automatically
  • Geo-Locate your visitors and forward to specific URLS automatically
  • Works great with Shopify and other online website/shopping platforms
  • Extremely accurate GEO DNS – Geo-Locate via DNS then via HTTP


The CloudFloor Geo DNS & load balancing technology is built different from every other Geo DNS provider. Our team puts a focus on unique Geo DNS & advanced DNS solutions that help your business achieve online success.  Our US patent #20130297596 enhances our growing technology portfolio and highlights our dedication to performance and innovation in advanced Geo DNS & load balancing

geo dns datasheet

Why Our GEO-DNS Platform?

GEO DNS so innovative, it’s patented!

We offer one of the most accurate, innovative and flexible GEO-DNS platforms available today and hold US patent # US9740708B2 for Performance and Geographic/Distance based Load Balancing.

Built around our Enterprise Anycast DNS network, our GEO DNS Director offers an extremely accurate GEO Location service along with rock solid, lightning fast DNS. GEO DNS Director also offers geographic DNS capabilities that others don’t including GEO SRV Record delivery, GEO URL Forwarding, and GEO Path Direction.

You’ll instantly enhance your online visitor’s experience by sending users to the fastest server or group of servers using our built-in free load balancing.  Extend your uptime using our integrated Monitoring and DNS Failover to test servers for latency/downtime and so much more!

  • Patented GEO DNS

    GEO-DNS so innovative we have a patent on it!  (US9740708B2)

  • Cloud & CDN Compatible

    Our GEO DNS works with CNAMES and most Cloud, CDN /DNS providers

  • EDNS0 Client Subnet Support

    We support EDNS0 Client Subnet for the most accurate GEO DNS available

  • Built on Anycast DNS

    Powered by a global Anycast DNS network with servers in 4 continents

  • Free DNS Load Balancing

    Free DNS Load Balancing with every Enterprise plan

  • GEO URL & PATH Direction

    No other Managed DNS provider offers these types of GEO DNS services

  • GEO SRV Records

    Deliver custom SRV records for Jabber, CUCM, Expressway & other platforms

  • GEO Load Balancing

    GEO-Locate your users and load balance among multiple servers

  • Free Onboarding

    Moving DNS can be scary – we’ll help make sure it all goes smoothly

  • Optional Monitoring & Failover

    Add uptime by utilizing our monitoring and DNS Failover

Ready to make the move to GEO DNS Director?