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12-04-2015 – Secondary DNS – Your Internet Ops Backup Plan

By: Eric McIntyre, Sr. Director of DNS Business Development at CloudfloorDNS

secondarydnsblogYour Internet Operations rely on DNS – an often overlooked area when it comes to enhancing both the speed and reliability of your web presence. Whether you run your own DNS server or you outsource to a Managed DNS provider, having a backup or secondary DNS provider can save your company from costly downtime if and when something happens.

Secondary DNS service simply mirrors the zone files from your primary DNS server and responds to queries just like the primary. If the Primary DNS has an outage or is attacked, your secondary DNS provider handles the load. Having a redundant DNS provider may seem like a waste of money in your operations budget, but when you realize the true cost of downtime (lost sales, lost customers and brand damage), paying for a secondary DNS provider seems like a bargain.

Does your company have a plan for a DNS outage? If not it’s time to think about it…..and getting a secondary DNS provider