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08-29-2016 – Fine tune your Content Delivery with DNS

By: Eric McIntyre, Sr. Director of DNS Business Development at CloudfloorDNS

Load Balancing and GEO DNSToday’s Internet economy is truly global and your organization can expect visitors and customers from the far corners of each continent. Servicing customers is just one aspect of your online operations, and you’ll also be connecting offices and remote employees with the tools such as Skype, GotoMeeting, VOIP, VPN and other essentials they’ll need to perform their jobs.
All of these websites, VPN’s, Telephony, SaaS and Cloud based services all rely on DNS to operate and every day more companies realize the true importance of robust DNS…it really is the foundation of the Internet. Once you have a solid DNS infrastructure that you can rely on, it’s time to start utilizing the DNS to fine tune the speed and delivery of your content and online services.

DNS Load Balancing and GEO DNS are just a couple of methods integrated into the CloudfloorDNS platform that help you adjust the granularity and location delivery of your content and services. DNS Load Balancing provides the ability to direct visitors to multiple IP’s or servers in a distributed fashion based on a few well known methods of balancing. You can distribute the DNS requests evenly across multiple servers, truly balancing the load so each server gets an even amount, or you can adjust the percentage to send more hits to your server with the most “beef”.

Add DNS Failover and integrated server monitoring and you now can monitor response time and availability of each host and set rules to pull the host in and out of service if becomes degraded or offline. The variations are endless with over 14 testing methods and protocols and failover options.

Adding GEO DNS to the mix adds yet another level of optimization. Using the Cloudfloor GEO DNS gives your DNS the ability to define custom DNS replies based on the origin of the user’s request. Have different content for the EU and North America? Easy, simply point North America to one IP, and EU countries to the Second IP.

Our GEO DNS does this by utilizing EDNS0 or client-IP technology and gives our Anycast DNS network the ability to determine the exact GPS location of the user and directing them to content tailored for that country or region. Managing your traffic at the DNS level can give you the speed, flexibility and scalability you need to grow your online operations and provide your visitors with the faster more precise content, product and service offerings.

Want more detail on our GEO DNS and DNS Load Balancing?  See the individual product pages, datasheets or contact us for more information