Monitor & Failover servers & apps automatically

DNS Failover information form

    DNS-ISP/Datacenter/Gateway Failover
    DNS-Server/App failover

    Use a CNAME - Not moving DNS to Us
    CNAME-ISP/Datacenter/Gateway Failover
    CNAME-Server/App failover

    Example: Primary IP of Backup IP Primary IP of Backup IP

    Anycast DNS

    Global Anycast DNS network with 100% Uptime and DNS Performance Guarantee

    DNS Failover

    Versatile DNS Failover – monitor ISP or Servers/Apps and Failover to a backup


    DNSSEC is offered absolutely free of charge with all Enterprise DNS accounts

    Free Support

    Free On-Boarding & support with a personal touch – you’ll be more than just a customer number

    Learn more about how our Enterprise DNS Platform can help you increase your DNS Performance, Reliability, & Flexibility