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02-27-2016 – Deliver Localized content and increase online sales with GEO DNS

By: Eric McIntyre, Sr. Director of DNS Business Development at CloudfloorDNS

UPS, FedEx and the postal service are all experts at delivering packages and they need to be as efficient as possible to ensure they maintain profitability.  If they are slow and inefficient at delivering the goods, they will loose sales and have dis-satisfied customers as a result.

The same goes with your online content – you need to deliver it fast and reliable or you’ll also loose customers and sales.  Content accuracy also counts – If you have multiple resellers in different geographic regions you’ll also need to deliver that content accurately using the local language and currency.  It’s a well known fact that localized content can give a big boost to online sales and conversions.    Think about it, when was the last time you purchased from a website that wasn’t in your local language or currency?

GEO DNS is an advanced component of the Cloudfloor Enterprise Anycast DNS platform.   GEO DNS resolves Authoritative DNS requests by translating names into IP addresses, but goes one level deeper with a geo-location of the end user requesting the content.  Once the end-user’s location is revealed, the DNS will hand back IP’s based on certain geographic rules that you set for your domain(s).    You can send the user to a server closer to them or to a version of your website that has their local reseller and pricing, all in their native language.   You can even use geo location and forward users to a http/s URL for services like Shopify and others with limited DNS naming capabilities.   Overall GEO DNS is a simple and effective way to fine tune your online content delivery and increases your end-user satisfaction while doing so.

Interested in our GEO DNS for your online business or possibly taking our Enterprise DNS platform for a test drive?   Contact us or visit our GEO DNS product pages for more details