Optimize Traffic with GEO DNS Director

Get a hold of your DNS – Optimize, Direct and Control your Internet Traffic

  • DNS Responses based on Geo Location

  • Cloud & CDN Service Provider Compatible

  • Visitors get closest Geo Located Server

  • Geo Load Balancing distributes traffic

  • CNAME Compatibility, CNAME at Root

  • Monitor and Integrated Failover

It’s easy to Optimize, Load Balance or Send your Online Visitors to the closest or fastest resource

Optimizing your DNS traffic is easy to do with our GEO DNS Director.    Direct custom DNS responses depending on the visitor geo location.  Flexible and Fast, our GEO DNS helps you optimize and direct your Internet traffic with ease


GEO URL Redirection

NEW!  –  Advanced GEO URL Redirection

Our GEO URL Redirection offers you even more flexibility when using our GEO DNS Director services.

Instantly GEO locate your internet traffic and redirect to via HTTP/S URL.   GEO-enable your DNS traffic for Cloud-compatible CNAMES and online stores such as Shopify and others.  Lighting fast DNS Geo-locates the visitor and redirects them to the URL of your choice.   Send visitors to different resources based on their location, delivering correct language, currency, and other region specific content and price offerings.   This service is directy integrated into our global Anycast DNS Network and provides Fast, Reliable and Flexible DNS and URL Redirection.  Deliver your content faster and smarter.

Deliver your Online Content Faster

DNS is the start of every Internet transaction and without fast DNS your online business will suffer. Your visitors won’t wait for your slow site to load so it’s imperative that you have a solid foundation of fast Anycast DNS

Our GEO DNS Director is integrated into our global Anycast DNS Network and provides Fast, Reliable and Flexible DNS.    Our GEO DNS solution works with all major cloud providers such as AWS, Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly, Shopify, Pagely and others.



Deliver your Online Content Smarter

Pinpoint the end-user location and instantly direct them to the closest server.  Couple GEO DNS with our free Load Balancing to gain an even greater edge by sending your online visitors to the closest or fastest server. Scalable and Flexible, our GEO DNS Director can help your organization grow and deliver online content faster and smarter than ever before.

DNS is the Foundation of your Internet Business – Reliability is a critical aspect of Ours

Our Global Anycast DNS network is built for speed and reliability.   We back up our reliability with a 100% DNS Uptime and Response time guarantee.    Our state of the art DNS network is fully Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 compatible and DNSSec options allow you to secure your DNS.   You can trust CloudfloorDNS to deliver your online content quickly and reliably.

Global Anycast DNS Network


Free Integrated DNS Load Balancing

Use the free DNS Load Balancing to distribute traffic to multiple hosts. Load Balancing options such as weighted, round-robin and performance based options help you scale and make smarter decisions. Combined with GEO DNS Director, our DNS load balancing will load balance geographically and even failover nodes or remove nodes from your load balancing pool.