DNS Failover

Monitor & Failover DNS automatically

Avoid Expensive Downtime

Failover DNS to a backup

Server Outage?  No problem with our DNS Failover – Monitor from multiple global locations and failover DNS to a backup server on failure

Gateway Failover

Have multiple gateways for your services for redundancy?  Monitor those gateways and failover multiple domains/services instantly

LB & Failover

Load Balance & Failover DNS for servers that are slow or not responding. Automatically add them back in as they speed up or become available

Why DNS Failover is a smart idea

When you absolutely, positively have to be up and running our DNS Failover can add yet another level of redundancy.  Tightly integrated into our Netmon server monitoring, our DNS failover automatically updates your DNS upon a failure detection. Monitor using a variety of protocols on any port you desire and failover on latency or flip over to a backup web server on anything other than HTTP 200/OK

CNAME Failover

CNAME Failover allows you to keep your DNS where it’s at currently and simply CNAME to a failover domain we provide. Can be setup in just a matter of minutes and allows you to simply CNAME your domain name to ours for almost instant failover protection.

  • Failover Load Balancing pools

    Monitor and Failover Load Balancing pools – detect high latency or detect downtime and failover at set thresholds.  Failover in as little as 10 seconds

  • Low-cost high availability

    Much less expensive than downtime!  Low cost service with big rewards

  • Free OnBoarding assistance

    Need help?  Experts are here to get you started

  • CNAME Failover

    CNAME Failover makes it easy to deploy with almost any other DNS or Cloud-based service

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